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Black Bottom Biscotti

Black Bottom Biscotti

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$4.00 how it all began.  When the bakery I use to get my Cranberry Pistachio biscotti from stopped making it I was forced to take action! So with an oven and a recipe I measured, cracked and mixed like a Nonna (Italian for grandmother) whose nipoti (Italian for grandchildren) were coming over for a visit and did not want to disappoint them. As the cookie smell filled the house I couldn't wait to try them and when they cooled just enough to not alter my fingerprint, I took my first bite and knew 2 things: It was a good thing I did not have nipoti because I was not going to share and I was Hooked on this home-baked Italian cookie.

That was more than 20 years ago. Since then I've become Nonna to 5 grandchildren, a retired police officer and Fabulous!! And biscotti was always there-measuring, mixing, cracking. The smell still fills the air and relaxes me... fully, however now I share with my nipoti, family, friends and YOU.

We've even turned this traditional cookie upside down and sideways with innovative flavors and styles and made

Black Bottom Biscotti the Best Biscotti This Side of Italy