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Black Bottom Biscotti

Black Bottom Biscotti

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Made by Black Bottom Biscotti
The best biscotti this side of Italy!

Almondloaded with sliced Almonds and pure almond extract.  We then bottom it out with a decadent dark  chocolate. Perfect with coffee or Amaretto.

Birthday Cake: Confetti Sprinkles are reminiscent of fun times, ice-cream cones, cookies and birthday cakes. Our Birthday Cake biscotti is cake flavored and fun filled. Enjoy with a scoop of ice-cream. Bottom dipped in white chocolate. 

Espresso Choco-Chip: Semi-sweet chocolate chips, specs of espresso and hint of cinnamon make this biscotti a triple treat and the perfect companion to your morning joe, hot chocolate or tea or just to eat all by itself. Hand dipped in dark chocolate.

Lemon Blueberry: Plump dried blueberries with a soft lemony flavor will make this one of your favorite biscotti to enjoy all by itself. Excellent choice for tea but still good with coffee. Hand dipped in white  chocolate.

Hazelnut: Loaded with hazelnuts and flavor and is the perfect accompaniment to a  robust cup of joe, hot cocoa or a glass of Frangelico.  Hand dipped in dark chocolate.