Did The Mission Card Game

Did The Mission Card Game

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- #DIDTHEMISSION: Meant to be played by a group of people, each round presents a mission and you must complete the round! ​ This social card game is simple to play. It's recommended to play with a group of people, preferably 3 or more players. Each round, one player picks a phrase card and a mission card. The player will use that phrase to earn points by way of one of the various mission cards. Some mission cards will prompt other players to win the round.

- CONCEPT: The game revolves around one phrase created by two words picked at random. Once the phrase is chosen the player uses that phrase with a mission card for the round. Each mission has it's own point system and you play to 18 points. In a nutshell, it's a modern rendition of play on words for adults.

- RISKY: Be prepared to earn points by way of prank calls, social media, being creative with play on words, or drinking something. Before you know it this will be the best card game for you and your friends that is played at every party or game night!

- INCLUDES: 65 #DidTheMission Cards, 144 Phrase Cards, 50 Score Sheets, 6 Pencils + Instructions