Beautifully Said Full Shark Card

Beautifully Said Full Shark Card

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We are Andrea & Vanessa, friends who felt the world was incomplete without our take on greeting cards. We hope our parents are thrilled to see us putting our combined five degrees to use positioning snarky observations  atop original artwork. If you have to say it, say it beautifully!

Andrea paints fabulous images in oil paints as thick and scrumptious as icing.

She can also whip out a watercolor faster than Vanessa can tie her shoes.Vanessa cracks herself up and is hopeful that these cards will yield the same result for both senders and receivers.


5x7 greeting card features original artwork printed on heavy weight felt.

Text reads: Ever heard a shark belly-ache about Monday mornings, cloudy days or politics? Me neither! Those dudes wake up, chase stuff, chomp stuff & generally dominate their territory. Go full shark, doll!

Blank interior.